Appeldoorn Nursery

Since the mid 1990’s, we have focused exclusively upon residential gardens and landscapes. With the move to our improved facilities in Rutherford County in 2002, we renamed the business Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery to more accurately reflect the emphasis of the company.

Appeldoorn Landscape nursery is a small, quality-oriented retail nursery specializing in the production of conifers.  Begun in 1975, the nursery currently offers over 750 varieties of dwarf and intermediate-sized conifers plus another 250 selections of “companion plants” for further landscape enhancement.

Our emphasis is on producing plants to be used in great gardens of the Southeast US—like yours!   At the nursery, we lovingly produce almost everything we sell by grafting and cutting from outstanding plant parents grown in some of the best woody plant collections in the Southeast.  The resulting plants are available in sizes ranging from inexpensive young cuttings to the field-grown instant-impact specimens that many professional landscapers prefer to use as focal points in their creations.

New plantings taking root on the south east side of the nursery grounds.

Just 50 years ago, conifers were thought of as massively large, heavy visual barriers to be sited at the periphery of the property.  Thanks to years of deliberate selection and breeding of cultivars, we now have a bewildering array of dwarf plants of outstanding visual character that are much more useful in today’s smaller gardens.  And as nurserymen and plant fanatics, we are constantly seeking new varieties from our own native plant communities, hoping to find plants even better adapted for the changing Southeast environment.

Evergreen conifers offer the gardener multiple uses—four season interest in the landscape, wildlife habitat (food and cover), strong foliage and color contrasts, erosion control,  privacy buffers, environmental enhancement, pleasant aromas that excite memories of Christmas past, and so much more.  They stimulate our senses!  We are rewarded for using them!

Conifers can be the strong backbone of any residential garden.  Colors range from all shades of green, yellow/gold and blue and variegations, and often change on the same plant with the passage of the seasons. Conifers allow the garden designer in all of us to “paint” the landscape with colors, forms and textures that will be present even when the drama of flowering plants has faded with the coming of winter.  Many gardens would be drab affairs for months at a time without the wintertime evergreen balance that conifers can provide.  Shapes include traditional pyramids and cones but range to weeping or pendulous forms, ground covers, and everything in between.  And don’t forget about the new buds and cones, often brightly colored when they first appear.  You can’t go wrong with well-chosen conifers!